lunes, 14 de marzo de 2016

Nilfa Carabalí´s contribution



This is the way we use or give usexpress to communicate andunderstand each other, using eithersignals, signs, gestures, mimicry and thus live well well.
It is through language that each tribe, people and different countries can understand.


Learning is a means we use to acquire or give knowledge, we can learn in different ways and referring teachersare responsible for teaching eachparticipant the knowledge acquired inour daily lives and in our study as learnalso of each student.


It instruct which in turn serve us eitherto correct and adopt knowledge. Asfuture teachers need to be well endowed with much knowledge to giveexcellent instructions to all who need it, according to the instruction we give orreceive likewise learn.


Vygotsky emphasizes in the influence of the social and cultural context in the appropriation of knowledge and places great emphasis on the active role of the teacher while mental activities students develop "naturally" through various routes of discoveries: building meanings, instruments for cognitive development and the zone of proximal development.
Vygotsky gives the teacher a facilitator considered essential role in the development of mental structures in the student to be able to build more complex learning.
It is emphasized and then assesses the importance of social interaction in learning; students learn more effectively when it does cooperatively.

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   By : Nilfa María Carabalí

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  1. The language, learning and teaching are concepts which have a main relation due to they complement. The learning and teaching use the language to achieve a communication tool and give and receive any knowledge.
    One of the approach in the teaching is the Constructivism. In this approach the learner is the main actor in the learning process and he/she make his/her knowledge.
    I think this approach isn´t appropriated because the knowledge isn´t anything make; the knowledge is something that people gain through of their growth and the experience in the different life activities.
    The observation and experience are main elements in the learning and teaching process. This lets to the learner gain a suitable learning according to the problems and their possible solutions about themselves.