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Ricardo Aguirre's Contribution.

Ricardo Aguirre's Contribution.
Definition concepts.

 There are innate syntactic structures that allow the child to acquire language with an almost inexpressible speed” (Chomsky). According to this we can say that language is the innate capacity of human beings to express their thoughts or feelings, by words and signs; these expressions are coherent and have a direct message. Language is  the way  we get knowledge.  Therefore, we can say that human beings use language everyday in order to coexist within the world.

It is a continuous process  that involves the acquisition of knowledge or skills through experience, and it might include  study, instruction, observation or practice. Persons learn about everything such as art, sciences, languages, so on. Bandura claims that we can learn by observation and imitation.

Is an art that consists in transmitting knowledge among persons, such as a subject or a behaviour. Teaching can start at home, the child learn from parents, older siblings, grandparents, or other relatives. Then we go to the school and acquire knowledge from teachers about specific subjects. Everyday life teaches through experience.

Constructivism as a school of thought

The student is responsible and creator of his own knowledge, carrying out a process that is syntactically built by acquiring knowledge  through constant study. That process must be supervised by the teacher, but unlike other pedagogical approaches, constructivism proposes  that students have autonomy and freedom to organize and assimilate their knowledge. Students put their knowledge into practice by socializing with their peers, taking into account that socialization improves knowledge and  gradually progresses. This approach also states that the students should be exposed to lessons that they have not yet been covered in class; but they have the ability to resolve them, and the teacher will be there to accompany and guide the process.

Classroom examples in foreing language field:

1. The pupils study a new vocabulary about airport, then they must prepare a dialogue using proper structures with present simple and  present progressive.
2. The teacher expose a topic: “Globalization”. Each student is going to give their opinion and the rest of group will agree or disagree with their partner.


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