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Diana Barrios contribution

Based on the constructivist theory, learning exalts mainly active role of the learner is why training must be focused on the process of learning, student creativity and not on the specific contents. One of the features that frame this model is precisely that knowledge is constructed from experience; and gives importance to prior knowledge, beliefs and motivations of students, as well as creating environments and natural environments and motivating learning to guide students in building new knowledge, experiences and attitudes. The teacher's role is a mediator and facilitator of learning.


Language is the medium of communication of human beings who use oral and written signs, sounds and gestures that have meaning they have attributed.  It is the ability of human beings to shape the thinking.  Humans use language acts on a daily basis to live with other human beings. It may be written, verbal and nonverbal.
Learning is the process through which knowledge is acquired or through which abilities and skills are changed. Learning is one of the most important mental functions in humans, in which involve various factors such as the environment in which it operates and the values and principles that are learned in the family.
Teaching is the process by which a body of knowledge, techniques, standards or skills, are transmitted from one individual to another (teacher to student) using different methods and support materials. For this it is important to have a proper learning environment to achieve the desired objective.

1- The procedure that I would implement in the following class objective:

 Students will be able to talk about their future plans and projects:
ü  First, in order to open the discussion, I will put the students in pairs.
ü  Then I´ll give them the order to talk for a minute about your plans for the future.
ü  After that, I explain the grammar with exercises on the board.
ü  Finally, I will do the feedback from the group, where each student exposes theirs plans in the future, using grammar correctly.
2- Objective:  To develop listening skills in students.
ü  Teacher plays a video about any topic.
ü  Teacher socializes the topic of the video asking questions to the students., making everyone participate in class.
ü  Teacher makes the students to form groups of 3 and gives them a questionnaire about the video.
ü  Teacher once again plays the video and the students must to answer the questions according to what they understand.
ü  Finally, teacher checks their answers and plays at last time the video.

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 By :  Diana  Barrios

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